Trusting God in the Valley
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Trusting God in the Valleys

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To trust means to have an unwavering confidence in someone or something. For any relationship to thrive, there must be some level or degree of trust inherent in it. Even if it is not absolute, it will at least be partial.

Trust is not an automatic something. That is why you cannot meet someone today and the next minute, that person already knows so much about you. You’re more likely to do a background check on the person, get to know the kind of person he/she is, a little about his/her values. That to an extent determines the information you will release.

It is not easy to confer trust on people. Most people hardly do. They usually require people to prove that they can be trusted and are not likely to confer that trust unless the person earns it. Hence, trust should be earned.

In our walk and work with God, trust is crucial if we must have a fruitful and productive walk with Him.

It is usually not an uphill task trusting God when everything is fine. In fact, you don’t get any accolade by believing God when everything is fine for you.

Trusting God is even more important when everything seem not to point to a reason to trust Him. He wants to know that if He withdraws a ‘blessing’ from you or delays in releasing it, you can still trust Him to bring what He has said to pass.

He isn’t impressed just that you gave to the poor out of the bounties that He’s given you. He wants to know that you trust Him enough for your abundance by giving out of the meagre you have or are receiving, knowing that you have a source. He wants to know whether you will care enough to release the little He’s given you not because it is there but because you know what He is capable of doing.

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In our relationship with God, we don’t need to do the kind of background check we conduct for people before we trust Him. There is only one important ingredient that must not be lacking in your life if you must trust God in the valley.

That essential ingredient is knowledge.

Just like you would hardly trust a stranger with some information about you, you’d need time to study the person, get to know some things about him, the same applies to trusting God.

For you to trust God when everything seems to be falling apart, you’d need to have an understanding of Him and His ways. It is this understanding that’ll arm you with energy to hold on and hold out.

Trusting God in the valley becomes a lot easier with the more understanding of God and His ways you have.

Trusting God for your finances in the valley of financial crisis comes with the understanding that He owns the earth and everything in it, that a cattle upon a thousand hill belongs to Him and that He delights in meeting your needs, every one of them.

Trusting God for a befitting husband in a world full of pretenders, liars and ‘husband scarcity’ is anchored on the knowledge of the fact that God is perfecting everything that concerns you and He delights in every details of your life!

Trusting God in the valley of death is borne out of the knowledge of the truth that God will never leave you nor forsake you. You will find it a lot easier if you understand that God works out ‘ugly’ situations in your favour.

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My dear, God never fails and He doesn’t want you to fail on your part by not supplying the needed faith to reach out to you. That faith is expressed in trust and when it is found in any valley, you can be sure that God will come through for you.

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