How to Have a Fruitful & Fulfilling 2019

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2019 is here! Did you actualize all your dreams and aspirations for last year?

Did you publish the book you intended to?

Did you attend all the seminars you had in mind to attend at the beginning of last year?

Maybe you included marriage in your plans for 2018, did you achieve that?

It’s really funny how some ladies can set a date/year for their wedding even without any bro in view. I don’t take that as an act of faith. The reason is that it ends up making you take desperate actions if not enter the wrong hand―unless God decides to help you―just so you’ll meet up with that date you’ve set.

There are a thousand and one things you can do to keep busy after school until God decides to send your husband your way. Let’s not get distracted from the purpose of this post. I’d be sharing all of that in my subsequent posts.

Today, my desire is to share with you something I consider of utmost importance if you must have a fruitful and fulfilling year in 2019.

It’s simple…

Stay with God. As we start off in 2019, you cannot afford not to stick with God. He will make the journey a very smooth one for you! He’ll save you a lot of headaches and heartbreaks.

If He says to take a road, please do all you can to go that way. It’s not about speed now, it’s about timely instructions and your ability to follow those instructions as they come. For us believers, speed is not the most important. “What’s the use of speed when you are headed in the wrong direction?” Bishop Oyedepo once asked.

Are there specific instructions God has given you for the year 2019, go ahead and carryout those instructions. Start that project, that NGO, that rescue mission; write that book.

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I must warn you. The fact that He says to take a particular direction doesn’t mean you won’t encounter setbacks.

A story in the Bible readily comes to mind.

It was the incident that happened in the fourth chapter of the gospel of Mark. After Jesus had taught His disciples about the implication of the parable of the Sower, scripture records that in the evening of that day, He said to His disciples, “Let us pass over unto the other side”.

And they did. Except that while they were still on the road to that other side, a great storm arose against them. It was not until they cried to the Lord for help that He came to their rescue.

In 2019, when you experience storms, setbacks and oppositions, it doesn’t mean that God is not involved or has forsaken you. Maybe He’s waiting to see if you’ll beckon on Him for help. The moment you do, you can be sure that He’ll send help your way.

2019 shall be fruitful and fulfilling for us all! And God shall continually be a Shield for us in Jesus name!

To your Success in 2019,



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