Daughter of Destiny by Jamie Buckingham

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One woman I seriously trip for is Kathryn Kuhlman. While growing up, I heard about her from one or two people in my local church. One thing always resonated with all the stories I heard: she was filled with the Holy Spirit and operated at an uncommon level with Him. He was her right-hand man.

I heard stories of how even inanimate objects fell under The Power in a particular miracle crusade she ministered in when she had to walk through the kitchen because the crowd was heavy and they couldn’t get a walkway for her.

The book Daughter of Destiny is about the life and times of Kathryn Kuhlman, an American Pentecostal evangelist known for hosting healing services that lived in the early 20th Century. When I read it, I got the information first hand. I stopped intermittently in worship of this great God that this woman served.

I read about how miracles were very tangible in her meetings. Chief amongst them was a man that had an artificial pacemaker in his heart mysteriously disappear during one of her meetings and the man instantly healed of arrhythmia. An artificial pacemaker is a device that is surgically implanted into the heart of a patient with arrhythmia to help control the rhythm of the heart when the natural pacemaker is malfunctioning. This man’s artificial pacemaker mysteriously disappeared during one of her meetings while she prayed for him.

Because her gospel of miracle was new then, the media tried to fight the authenticity of those miracles. But the ones that got their healings had doctor’s reports showing that indeed they were healed. The doctors themselves couldn’t explain the miracles medically.

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All the stories I heard before I read the book were all in the positive. None of them mentioned the dark side of her life. I discovered that myself.

Reading of how her ministry folded because she got into the wrong marriage brought tears to my eyes. She was deceived into the marriage. The man in question (Burroughs Waltrip) lied to her about his family and the fact that he was married with kids. It was not until everything was set for the marriage that she realized how wrong she was.

It was like the stage was already set and all preparations made. All the caution she got about continuing with the wedding plans fell on deaf ears. Her ministry was tearing apart, everyone knew that the man was married, but Kathryn didn’t want to hear.

She continued with the marriage plans despite losing everything and everyone. Only two (2) people attended her wedding out of the thousands in her congregation. I guess the weight of what her mistake was already costing her was too much for her to bear and so she collapsed on the altar during the exchange of vows. Waltrip had to help her with the rest of the vows.

Kathryn realized her mistake years into the marriage and for about six months, she wanted to suppress the feeling of guilt and the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Her ministry has completely folded because everyone heard the news; she married another man’s husband. In fact, in one of the meetings she was to minister as a guest, the host had to cancel because news got to him about her marriage.

One morning, she got up, left the man and that moment, the two of them knew that that was the last time they will set eyes on each other. In her words, “She chose to serve the God she loves rather than the man she loved.” Instead of remaining in that point of fall, she took a leap of faith, left the man and started all over again.

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That was so daring an action. God showed her mercy when she refused to continue in the path of error. Her ministry blossomed again and Kathryn refused to remarry. She gave herself to God again, the lover of her soul and served Him till death.

Even though she was weak and worn out and her doctor warned her to reduce her miracle engagements, she still continued serving the Lord and died in active service.

My take-home lesson from the book can be summarised in this clause, “No matter how far you’ve fallen, you can still make amends as long as you have breathe in you!”

You should probably get a copy and read.

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