Can I Marry From Anywhere?

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Growing up, I didn’t realize that something as simple as where to marry from can stand as an idol in my heart, preventing me from getting all that God has packaged for me in marriage. If a prophet told me, “Chidinma, God said that your husband is from so and so place…” I would not believe him.

The reason is because even though I am a Christian and I knew that portion of the Bible that says that in Christ Jesus, there is neither Greek nor Jew, somewhere in my mind, I still hadn’t come to terms with the fact that I can marry from just anywhere.

I use to have this habit of considering where a guy is from when considering his proposal. The moment I realize that he is from so and so place, a part of my mind just shuts him off such that even though I can’t verbally tell him that the reason I’m saying ‘no’ to his proposal is because of where he is from, the mind set I had, practically stood in the way of my decision.

It was not until I read Pastor Bankie’s book, Should I Say Yes? that I marvelled at the level of my carnality.

I believe God has a beautiful plan for my life. I know He has overlooked the days of my ignorance and therefore packaged something beautiful for me in the man I will marry.

Everybody may not be as ‘lucky’ as I am.  Some have missed God’s package and dismissed husbands because they have marked certain town, tribe or tongue wrong. The truth is that if I had continued in that path, I would have strayed away from the plan of God for my life.

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I don’t want you to make the same ‘mistake’ I made in segregating when it comes to deciding from where I will marry. And that is why today, I bring you news: you can marry from anywhere!

Yes, I mean it in every sense of that word. The reason is because like I said earlier, for us Christians, there is neither Greek nor Jew! There is neither Hausa or Igbo, Yoruba or Tiv.

Now, the truth is that in many instances, it’s our parents that insist that we marry from certain tribe or town.

I am not ignorant of the fact that the reason some parents insist that their children don’t marry from a particular area is probably because those places are diabolic or maybe under a curse or something.

But the truth is that in Christ Jesus, those curses do not exist neither will they have effect on you, an heir of God.

The question you should be more concerned about asking is whether this guy that’s asking for your hand in marriage really believes in God and following hard after Him. Does he have regard for the word of God? Does he fear God?

These and some other pertinent questions are what you should be asking and not demonstrating your unbelief by examining where he comes from.

If God decides to give you someone from a town that you have always admired as a husband, then see it as an addition. But let it be settled in your heart that you can marry from just anywhere in the world!

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Enough of the unbelief we showcase; you can marry from anywhere!

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