Beautiful Music out of Broken Strings

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Life is full of ups and downs. Against our wish and desire, we may experience pain, hurt, failures, disappointments, etc. A loved one may die; you may lose your job while your kids are still in school; or discover that you have married the wrong spouse.

I used to believe there is a singular person that meets that perfect will of God for any man but not anymore. However, I still believe that there is a right person for every individual.

A number of these misfortunes can be as a result of our negligence to live by God’s standards as is the case when a Christian girl just decides to marry out of the folk with hope that she will convert the guy.

Then, she realizes her mistake only when she is already married to this guy. What does she do?

When you find yourself in any of these situations, especially when you feel you contributed to it in one way or the other, what do you do?

Do you sit down and mourn and wallow in self-guilt? Or do you do something positive about your situation?

Irrespective of how far you’ve strayed, one thing is certain; you can still locate your way home.

The good part is that God’s hand is ever wide open to welcome you home, provided you came when you still can (when grace is still available).

There is an expression I read somewhere and has loved it ever since. It has stood as a source of encouragement and hope to me in the midst of hopelessness and despair.

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It says, “When God’s involved, trust Him for He has a way of bringing out beautiful music out of broken strings.”

I know this is true because…

That is what He specializes in doing; making our life beautiful, giving us beauty in our ashes, bringing out beautiful music out of the broken strings in our lives!

So my dear, irrespective of how far you’ve fallen, you can still do something positive about your life and I can boldly tell you that God is committed to making your life beautiful, giving you beauty in exchange for ashes, and bringing out beautiful music out of the broken strings of your live. The challenge is whether you will let Him.

He can still give you a beautiful marriage after that mistake of yours; not because He wants you to live a reckless life; but because nothing is too hard for Him to do.

He can give you a beautiful financial life after your careless spending and unwise use of money.

You have to start with calling upon Him; asking Him to come and intervene in your situation. He can save to the uttermost (fixing damaged womb, liver and life) anyone who comes to Him.

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