Ajayi Beauty Martins: Creating Beauty and Wealth with Used Tyres

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Are you one of those who think school is too engaging to allow you time to get involved with other extra-curricular activity? This 400 level student of the department of Sociology, University of Port Harcourt will make you have a rethink.

She understood that she needed to contribute her quota in making Nigeria better and so she launched out into the deep and founded Beauberry Creations.

At Beauberry creations, which has an umbrella company of her signature brand “Tyniture”, she reuses and recycles tyres into furniture with a sense of class and beauty such as sofa, coffee tables, side stools, chairs, thereby reducing waste in the environment and at the same time creating a source of livelihood.

Ajayi Beauty Martins, the Creative Director at Beauberry, doesn’t think herself to be born with a silver spoon. In fact, she was raised by a single mom but she realized the need for hard work early enough in life.

In her own words, “I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, and we had to live at the mercy of family and friends, at some point in my life, I had to tell myself the truth about life, because I knew I would have to emancipate myself and my family from the den of living on others and the only way out was for me to Work Hard.”

Tyniture was borne out of her disgust for poor disposal of wastes especially non-degradable wastes. “I feel disgusted by the unending and indiscriminate increase in poor disposing of waste, mostly non-degradable, the rate of tyre waste has recently been on a high side, I thought to myself that I needed to do my bit and also in trying to avoid being killed by breathing bad air and the soot menace, that has clouded our beautiful city, of which a certain % comes from tyre burnt in abattoirs, tyre burnt in streets, used to burn bushes and just randomly burnt most times. I needed to create my own little awareness by showing to my community that great and beautiful things can still be made out of waste Tyre and that birthed Tyniture for me.” She said.

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Like every other entrepreneur, she faces her own fair share of challenges which ranges from restriction in getting tyres from some locations, poor support system in creating a clear and truthful awareness about the hazards in tyre burning and misuse, lack of material/machine support in getting new tyre artefacts, designs and arts produced due to lack of funding.

Despite all these challenges, when asked about giving up and if she ever intends to, her response was “when I first started I had a lot of persons who told me I was going to fail and that drained me so much that I became depressed for a while but I stepped on it and worked harder. Here I am today because I didn’t give up on my dreams.”

Today, Beauty Martins is living fulfilled and did I mention that she was just turned 21 (in her early twenties) as at the time of this interview?


PS:  To see more of her works and get for yourself, check out her on her website. Meanwhile, you can read more inspiring stories like this on People category

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